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Ohio in the Twentieth Century, 1900-1938. Planned and com-

piled by Harlow Lindley. The History of the State of Ohio.

Edited by Carl Wittke. Vol. VI (Columbus, The Ohio State

Archaeological and Historical Society, 1942. xiv + 563p.

Illustrations and maps. $25.00 per set of 6 vols.)

Ohio in the Twentieth Century, final volume in the six

volume History of the State of Ohio, is the fourth in the series

to be published. Previously presented have been Bond's Foun-

dations of Ohio, Utter's Frontier State, and Weisenburger's Pas-

sing of the Frontier,1 with the periods 1850-73 and 1873-1900 yet

to be treated by Eugene H. Roseboom and Philip D. Jordan, re-


Unlike the other five volumes, which have been or will be the

work of individual historians, volume six is the product of con-

tributions by fifteen different persons, the separate subject chap-

ters having been planned and compiled by Harlow Lindley, Sec-

retary, Editor and Librarian of the Ohio State Archaeological and

Historical Society. This organization has sponsored the entire

History, which is one of the most significant outgrowths of Ohio's

participation in the observance of the one hundred and fiftieth

anniversary of the setting up of the Northwest Territory and the

establishment therein of civil government under the Ordinance

of 1787.

To estimate properly the worth of volume six, one must

keep in mind the framework upon which it is constructed: a sin-

gle compiler designing, arranging and synthesizing the diverse

monographs produced by a group of able specialists. The list of

contributors is a brilliant one. Approximately two-thirds of the

authors are specifically associated with academic Ohio while the

remainder have vocational or avocational connections which make

their pronouncements authoritative.


1 These three volumes will be reviewed in a forthcoming issue of the Quarterly.