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Many pages have been written concerning the exploits of

the famous Confederate raider, General John Morgan, and the

details of his famous expedition into Ohio and his subsequent

capture have been ably discussed in this journal.1 There exists,

however, a vast amount of oral material--some of it legendary

and apocryphal in character, even to the extent of bordering on

folklore. Now and then one finds a document in family archives

that adds a bit to the story of the raid; recently one of this type

was brought to the writer's attention.

This document is an account, written by an eye-witness of

some of the events that were soon to culminate in Morgan's cap-

ture.2 Its author was a Mr. H. J. Boice, of Rock Springs, Wyo-

ming, who wrote of his experiences many years after the events

themselves had transpired but when they were still vivid in his

memory. The facts he states correspond to other accounts verified

and accepted as trustworthy history, but he does add something

hitherto unknown to historians of Morgan's raid.

Mr. Boice was, at the time of this expedition, a boy living

in Monroeville, Ohio, some two miles south of Salineville. He

was then seventeen years old and had recently been given a medi-

cal discharge from the 98th O. V. I. Company. He tells of the

excitement of the villagers at Morgan's approach to the town

and how many of them fled to the "Timber" for safety. The

"Johnnies," to use his term, arrived early on Sunday morning

and helped themselves liberally to whatever they could find in

the way of food. After they had eaten breakfast one of them,

apparently an officer, approached Mr. Boice and asked him if he

had any word from Hammondsville, a town to the southeast.

Boice replied that he had; then the officer asked him if any Union

1 See Ohio State Archaeological and Historical Quarterly, VII, 48-59; XVIII, 79-

104, and XX, 368-77.

2 This document was loaned the writer by Miss Patricia Shope, of East Liverpool,

Ohio. Miss Shope is a student at Miami University and a great-niece of Mr. Boice.