Ohio History Journal

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During the past months researchers and scholars have made

considerable use of the manuscripts, maps and state archives under

the custody of this department. Not only have the various de-

partments of State, individuals and legal firms availed themselves

of reference service by telephone, letter, or personal visit but

there have been a succession of out-of-city and out-of-state visitors

who spent extended periods examining collections here. Among

these may be noted the following: Professor and Mrs. Ralph P.

Bieber, Washington University, St. Louis, hunting data on the

gold rush; Professor and Mrs. Everett Dick, Union College, Lin-

coln, Nebraska, in search of material for a social history of the

frontier; Mr. W. J. Hamilton, Dayton Public Library, collecting

bibliographical information on the Shakers; Mr. R. J. O'Dell,

University of Michigan, in preparation of a doctoral dissertation

on the "Antislavery Movement in Ohio before 1840"; Mr. James

H. Reding, Wheeling and Lake Erie Railway Company, Cleveland,

in search of data on Ohio Canal Maps and Surveys; and Mr.

George R. Woolfolk, Prairie View State College, Texas, in prepa-

ration of a doctoral dissertation on "Northern Economic Influ-

ences during Reconstruction."

Among the 100 or more maps recently cataloged may be listed

the following:

Antietam--1867--36" x 24"

Appomattox Court House--1867--36" x 24"

Atwood Reservoir -- War Dept. Proposal -- 1934 -- 4 sheets -- each

27"x 40"

Beach City Reservoir--War Dept. Proposal--1934--6 sheets--each

27" x 40"

Bermuda Hundred, Virginia--1867--36" x 24"

Bolivar Reservoir -- War Dept. Proposal -- 1934 -- 5 sheets -- each

27" x 40"