Ohio History Journal




Princeton University will sponsor and the Princeton Univer-

sity Press will publish a definitive edition of the writings and

correspondence of Thomas Jefferson in approximately fifty vol-

umes. This project is made possible through a subvention of

$200,000 by the New York Times Company as a memorial to

Adolf S. Ochs. The editor is Julian P. Boyd, Librarian of Prince-

ton University, who states that the enterprise contemplates the

publication of all letters, memoranda, account books, commonplace

books, legal opinions, addresses and miscellaneous papers of Jef-

ferson, together with his public and other writings, such as the

Notes on the State of Virginia, the garden book, etc. The edition

will also include listings, summaries, or full printings of letters

to Jefferson. Mr. Boyd will be assisted by a small staff.

An appeal is being made to archivists, librarians, scholars,

collectors and dealers to cooperate with the enterprise by notifying

the editor of the existence of isolated documents--especially those

in private hands--to the end that the edition may be as complete

as possible.

The undertaking is under the supervision of an Advisory

Board consisting of:  Douglas S. Freeman, chairman, Fiske

Kimball, vice chairman, Randolph G. Adams, George A. Brakeley,

Solon J. Buck, Gilbert Chinard, Henry Steele Commager, Harold

W. Dodds, Carter Glass, Archibald MacLeish, Dumas Malone.

Bernard Mayo, Samuel Eliot Morison, Charles Scribner, Datus

C. Smith, Jr., Howard W. Smith, Iphigene Ochs Sulzberger, Carl

Van Doren, Lawrence C. Wroth, and Breckinridge Long.

It is hoped that members of the Ohio State Archaeological

and Historical Society and readers of the Quarterly will send to

Mr. Boyd any information they may have about archival or manu-

script collections containing Jefferson documents or items of Jef-

ferson interest, particularly those owned privately.