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The Territorial Papers of the United States. Compiled and edited

by Clarence Edwin Carter. Vol. X, The Territory of Michi-

gan, 1805-1820. Vol. XI. The Territory of Michigan, 1820-

1829.      (Washington, Government Printing    Office, 1942.

1943.            Vol. X, xii??948p., $2.00. Vol. XI, viii??1372p.


Here are two more volumes in the splendid Territorial Series.

Volume I is still to be printed; Volumes II and III embodied

the official records of the Northwest Territory; Volume IV con-

tained the papers of the Territory Southwest of Ohio, now Ten-

nessee; Volumes V and VI were on the Mississippi Territory;

Volumes VII and VIII dealt with the Indiana Territory; while

Volume IX concerned the Orleans Territory, the present

Louisiana. These two volumes, X and XI, are the first of three

containing the official letters and papers concerning the Michigan


The material for these documents has been taken from the

archives in Washington; most of these documents have never

before been printed. These two volumes take the story down to

1829 and discuss the founding of the territory; the three terms

of administration by the first governor, William  Hull, and his

acting successor, Reuben Attwater; the period of British occupa-

tion; and the five terms of Governor Lewis Cass.

Anyone familiar with the tedious labor of arranging, organ-

izing and editing documentary material will marvel at the meticu-

lous and attractive appearance of these volumes. The arrange-

ment is logical as well as chronological; the headings are descrip-

tive yet concise; the index is very complete and the typography

is a model for clarity.

Dr. Carter is to be congratulated for having completed two

more excellent volumes in this very important series. It is to be

hoped that appropriations will continue until the entire series is

complete.                                        B. E. J.