Ohio History Journal




Edward Noyes is Professor of History at Jamestown Col-

lege, Jamestown, North Dakota.

Josephine E. Phillips, of Marietta, is the author of Wagons

Away! (New York, 1941) and contributions to historical period-


Russel B. Nye is in the Department of English, Michigan

State College, East Lansing, Michigan.

Captain Eugene O. Porter, Ph.D. Ohio State University,

was on active duty in the Pacific Theater of Operations in the

late war.

W. H. Van Fossan, of Lisbon, Ohio, is the author of The

Story of Ohio, published by the Macmillan Company in 1937.

Francis C. Hibbard, of Barnesville, Ohio, is President of the

Belmont County Historical Society.

Harlow Lindley is Secretary-Editor-Librarian of the Ohio

State Archaeological and Historical Society.