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Letters* contributed by CURTIS W. GARRISON


RAINBOW OHIO. Dec. 2nd, 1891.


Dear General

As you are one of the Trustees of the Ohio State University and

as I wish to act intelligently in the coming Legislature in all matters con-

cerning it, I take the liberty of asking your counsel in the case. While I

have not the least doubt that the Trustees and managers of that institution

have done all in their power to build it up, yet they may wish it to occupy

a wider field of usefulness.

To speak frankly, it seems to be the opinion of a great many

educators that the University is but a favored college, largely for the benefit

of Columbus and vicinity and not a University proper where the graduates

of other colleges may best complete their training like Ann Arbor and the

eastern Universities. I am aware that the institution was founded in the

interest of the farmer and mechanic and I think it should be a place where

they could be taught not the ordinary studies of the schools--that they

should be taught before entering--but all that pertains to the highest work

in their professions.

But it seems to me that the time has come when Ohio should have

a university second to none in the country, one that will not compete with,

but supplement all other institutions of learning in the State. I for one am

tired of seeing so many going out of the State to complete their education.

Pardon me for giving you so many of my own views when I set

out to ask yours and please give me yours by letter or otherwise as most

convenient to you. You may write to me frankly as I will keep it private if

you wish.

Yours Most Sincerely

G. A. Woon

Member elect from Washington Co.




11 Dec 1891

My Dear Sir:

Returning home after a long absence a few days ago I found in the

heaps on my table your esteemed favor of the 2d instant relative to the Ohio

State University. I am more than gratified by the sentiments and general

tone of your letter. It will give me special pleasure to confer with you on

this, to me, favorite topic. Lack of time -- you must know that I was never

a busier man than I am now -- I am not "out of a job" -- will prevent me

from going into the interesting questions you present. I agree with you as

to what our State University ought to he. First of all it should. to be

faithful to its origin, give a more practical education than other institutions


*The Hayes letter herewith reprodced is a recent purchase of the Haves Memorial.

Fremont, Ohio. It is preceded by the letter of the Hon. G. A. Wood which prompted

Hayes's reply.