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Meeting at the Deshler-Wallick Hotel

Columbus, Ohio

April 24, 1947

The Ohio Academy of History met in Columbus April 24, 1947

in joint meeting with the Mississippi Valley Historical Association,

at the luncheon conference, with 160 in attendance. President F.

P. Weisenburger introduced Governor Thomas J. Herbert, who made

some appropriate remarks as to the historian's place in the world

today. He then introduced Harlan Hatcher, Dean of the College of

Arts and Sciences at Ohio State University, who spoke on "The

Place of Regionalism in the One World of Today."

The business session convened at 2:30 P.M. with President

Weisenburger in the chair. There were twenty-six members present.

The Secretary-Treasurer read the minutes of the 1946 meeting and

outlined briefly the history and purpose of the Academy for the

benefit of several new members. Professor Harvey Wish of W.R.U.,

Louis Filler of Antioch College, Landon Warner of Kenyon Col-

lege, David Jennings of Ohio Wesleyan University, Robert E. Hawes

of Wittenberg College and Lewis K. McMillan are new members.

Report of Committees:

The Committee on Nominations and Awards (composed of Pro-

fessor Harold E. Davis, chairman, B. H. Pershing and Howard

Robinson) presented the following slate of officers:

For President, Professor Hastings Eells of Ohio Wesleyan Univ.

For Vice-President, Dr. George F. Howe, on leave from Uni-

versity of Cincinnati at the War Department in Washington.

For Secretary-Treasurer, William D. Overman of Firestone

Library & Archives in Akron, Ohio.

The Committee recommended the suspension of ordinary pro-