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Deshler-Wallick Hotel

Columbus, Ohio

April 9, 1948


The Ohio Academy of History met in Columbus April 9, 1948,

in connection with the Ohio College Association. The morning

session opened at 10 A. M. with Clayton S. Ellsworth of the

College of Wooster presiding. Two papers were given: "The Name

of the Holy Roman Empire," by Richard G. Salomon of Kenyon

College, and "The Good Neighbor Policy," by Arvid T. Johnson of

the University of Toledo.

Forty members attended the luncheon conference at 12:30,

presided over by Hastings Eells of Ohio Wesleyan University, presi-

dent of the academy. Harold J. Grimm of the Ohio State Univer-

sity spoke on the subject "German Historiography during the Nazi

Regime." Professor Eells also presided over the afternoon session,

at which two papers were given: "History in the General Education

Course," by Benjamin H. Pershing of Wittenberg College, and

"Publications in Ohio History," by James H. Rodabaugh of the

Ohio State Archaeological and Historical Society.

Thirty seven members attended the business meeting at 3:30.

The minutes of Secretary William D. Overman of the meeting of

April 24, 1947, were read and approved without amendment. His

report as treasurer was also read and approved. The report of the

auditing committee, composed of Stanton Ling Davis, chairman,

Phillip R. Shriver, and Donald P. Gavin attested the figures of the


The report of the committee on awards, composed of Francis

P. Weisenburger, chairman, H. Clyde Hubbart, and William J.

McNiff, selected Earl S. Pomeroy of the Ohio State University for

the annual award of the academy. His book upon which the award