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Deshler-Wallick Hotel

Columbus, Ohio

April 8, 1949



The Ohio Academy of History met in Columbus, April 8, 1949,

in connection with the Ohio College Association. More than one

hundred persons attended the several sessions. The morning ses-

sion, at 10 A.M., was devoted to a panel discussion on the subject

"American Cultural History as a Field of Specialization in the

College and the Graduate School." Members of the panel were Lyon

N. Richardson, chief librarian, Western Reserve University, pre-

siding; William Charvat, English department, Ohio State Univer-

sity; Lowell W. Coolidge, history department, College of Wooster;

Louis Filler, history department, Antioch College; G. Harrison

Orians, English department, University of Toledo; and John Hall

Stewart, history department, Western Reserve University.

Some ninety members attended the luncheon session at 12:30,

presided over by George F. Howe, Historical Division, Department

of the Army, president of the academy. Speaker at this session was

John Miller, Jr., Historical Division, Department of the Army, who

spoke on "The Strategic Background of the Northern Solomons

Campaign." Major General Robert S. Beightler, commander of the

37th Division, was a guest at the luncheon and spoke briefly of

personal experiences in this campaign. At the afternoon session,

C. William Vogel, history department, University of Cincinnati,

gave "A Progress Report on the British Colonial Development

and Welfare Program."

Approximately seventy-five members gathered for the annual

business meeting of the academy at 3:30. The committee on

awards, composed of William J. McNiff, Lawrence F. Hill, and C.

William Vogel, announced as the winner of the third annual acad-