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The committee found that limitations of time made it necessary

to rely on questionnaires in compiling a bibliography of the historical

writings of Ohioans during the year 1949. Members of the Ohio

Academy of History, staff members of departments of history in the

state's colleges and universities, and officials of local historical societies

were asked to list their writings. In relying on the use of the questionnaire

the committee was aware that the bibliography would not be complete

but could discover no better way of acquiring the desired information

in the time available to its members.

A tabulation of the items reported reveals that there were twenty-

six articles and five books pertaining to phases of the history of Ohio.

Twenty-three articles and four books dealt with phases of the history

of the United States other than Ohio topics. Only three articles in

modern European history and one on ancient history were reported.

One scholar contributed four bibliographical studies in the field of

modern European history. The final list of publications also includes

two articles on Far Eastern history and a chapter contributed to a book

on southern Asia.

This statistical summary indicates that among those who chose to

write on historical subjects the vast majority were interested in American

history and particularly in that segment of the nation's history which took

place in Ohio. The major emphasis in these writings is political but

there are a few notable exceptions where the subjects are in the fields

of intellectual and social history. An increasing number of Ohio his-

torians are manifesting an interest in political protest movements. While

a few writers are now giving attention to the progressive movement in

Ohio, no one reported a study of the contributions of Ohio to political

and economic orthodoxy although few would contend that these have

been slight. No studies of the history of farming, of labor, or of

industry were reported although Ohio has been a leader in both industry


* This report was presented to the Ohio Academy of History at its annual meeting

at Columbus, April 21, 1950. It is published at the request of the academy.