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Ohio Agriculture Today

Ohio Agriculture Today






Ohio, the Gateway State--where the industrial East meets the

agricultural West--is still a giant among the farm states. Although

only thirty-fifth in size, still it ranks usually about eighth or ninth

in income from the sale of the products of its farms. Add to the

farm income the non-farm income of those who farm part time,

and the total income of Ohio farmers would be even higher, surely

above that of those states which do not have the combination of

agriculture and industry found in the Buckeye State.

This is a highly diversified state in its sources of farm income.

Not a great wheat state like Kansas, yet Ohio ends the year with

more than forty million bushels and has only six other states ahead

of her. Likewise, we cannot boast of the tall corn of Iowa, but still

in the last two years Ohio has surpassed the great corn state in acre

yields (sixty-two and sixty bushels, respectively), and one can name

but four other states that grow more corn and raise more hogs.

Weather was unusually favorable in 1954 and again in 1955 in

Ohio, with the result that adequate rainfall, combined with our

modern intelligence in cultivation and the use of hybrids, fertilizers,

crop rotations, and the like, brought the highest yield of corn per

acre in the United States.

Wisconsin boasts of her Holsteins and other dairy cows, and

rightly so. Yet one can name but four other states--New York,

California, Pennsylvania, and Minnesota--with greater dairy income

than Ohio has. This dairy business means twenty-two percent of the


* This article, like the one preceding it, "Ohio Agriculture in History," was read

at a session on "Agriculture in Ohio" during the seventy-first annual meeting of the

Ohio Historical Society on April 28, 1956.

L. L. Rummell is dean of the college of agriculture at Ohio State University and

director of the Ohio Agricultural Experiment Station at Wooster.