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Minutes of the Meeting

Minutes of the Meeting

Of the Ohio Academy of History,

Columbus, April 14, 1956




The Ohio Academy of History held its spring meeting at the Ohio State

Museum on Saturday, April 14, 1956.

The morning session devoted to American history was conducted by

Clarence P. Gould of Youngstown College. George W. Knepper of the

University of Akron presented a paper entitled "Policemen or Protectors:

The British Standing Army in America, 1760-1768" and Virginia B. Platt of

Bowling Green State University offered "The Effect of Trade Restrictions

on Anti-British Feeling in the 18th Century." Discussion was led by Robert

J. Taylor of Marietta College. At a concurrent session, with Richard G.

Salomon of Kenyon College as chairman, Daniel H. Buchanan of Case

Institute of Technology and Marvin Becker of Baldwin-Wallace College

had   for  their respective  topics, "Calvin  and  Machiavelli"  and

"Machiavelli's View of Social Classes in 14th Century Florence." Wilfred J.

Steiner of the University of Dayton spoke in summation.

The luncheon at the Ohio State University Faculty Club, which was at-

tended by ninety-five members and guests, was highlighted by the pre-

sentation of the Certificate of Award and by the principal address. William

J. McNiff of Miami University, chairman of the committee on awards,

announced that A Preface to History by Carl G. Gustavson of Ohio

University had been judged the outstanding historical achievement by a

member of the Academy during 1955. Walter L. Dorn of Ohio State

University then spoke on "The Evolution of the American Occupation

Policy in Germany on the Close of World War II."

The afternoon program at the Museum offered a choice of a session on

historiography and a panel discussion on "The Teaching of History." As

chairman of the former, Eugene C. Murdock of Marietta College in-

troduced Edward W. Kearney of John Carroll University and Helmut

Haeussler of Wittenberg College. Their papers were entitled, respectively,

"Bossuet and the Tradition of a Universal History" and "Introduction to