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Historical News

Historical News




The Alexander Hamilton Bicentennial Commission, established by con-

gress in 1954 for the celebration of the two-hundredth anniversary of

Hamilton's birth in 1957, is pursuing a comprehensive program of

memorial exercises, publications, activities in the field of education and

public affairs, commemorative exhibitions, and the issuance of special coins,

stamps, and medals. Its publication program is well under way, with

Columbia University undertaking to edit and publish a complete edition

of the Hamilton papers. In this connection, the commission is conducting

a "treasure trove search" for letters, documents, manuscripts, and other

memorabilia relating to Hamilton.

A committee of the American Association for State and Local History,

under the chairmanship of S. K. Stevens, executive director of the Pennsyl-

vania Historical and Museum Commission, has been appointed to direct

the participation of the association in the work of the bicentennial com-

mission, of which Senator Karl E. Mundt of South Dakota is chairman.


The Annual Student History Conference, composed of history students

at Hiram, Baldwin-Wallace, John Carroll, and Mt. Union colleges, held its

spring meeting this year at Baldwin-Wallace. A student from each school

presented a paper, which was followed by a critique by a student from

another school and then by a general discussion. The conference was

organized five years ago at Hiram College. The Hiram student who pre-

sented a paper at the first conference in 1951 was present this year as a

member of the staff at Baldwin-Wallace.


The library of the Western Reserve Historical Society recently received

as a gift the Alfred Mewett collection of prayer books, missals, graduals,

and other liturgical works. There are over seventy pieces in the collection,

including many in manuscript dating from the early fifteenth century. The

library has also acquired the General Simon Perkins land records and

manuscript map books, with surveys of towns and individual tracts in the

Western Reserve from 1803. The fourteen volumes in this collection were

the gift of Mrs. Russell Wilson and Samuel Watson Smith, direct descen-

dants of General Perkins.