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Historical News

Historical News




The Steubenville Herald-Star celebrated its 150th birthday on June 7.

Founded as the Western Herald by William Lowry and John Miller, it was

operated for thirty years--from 1815 to 1845--by James Wilson, the paternal

grandfather of President Woodrow Wilson, and by his son Robert, who

succeeded him. It is the second oldest newspaper in continuous existence in

Ohio, the oldest being the Chillicothe Gazette. It is a member of the Brush-

Moore chain.


Earle W. Newton, former editor of American Heritage and director of

Old Sturbridge Village, has recently been appointed director of the new

bureau of museums, historic sites, and properties of the Pennsylvania His-

torical and Museum Commission.


Among the recent acquisitions of the Rutherford B. Hayes Library is a

collection of materials relating to the early history of the schools of Sandusky

County. Included in the collection, which was presented to the library by

Mrs. John M. Dawley a short time before her death, are school books, photo-

graphs and photo albums, maps, pamphlets, and the only known daguerreo-

types (about 1860) of the teacher and pupils of the Dawley School, Ballville.

From the files of an early Fremont photographer, R. Grob, the picture

division of the library received about three thousand glass negatives of por-

traits of local people made about 1900 or earlier. The gift was made possible

through the cooperation of Stephen D. Thomaswick, until recently a com-

mercial photographer of Fremont.


Two valuable manuscript collections have recently come into the possession

of the library of the Western Reserve Historical Society. A collection of

William McKinley papers, including war papers, family letters, photographs,

books, and personal mementoes, was presented by John Allison Duncan. Of

special interest are over one hundred letters and telegrams dealing with the

payment of the Walker-McKinley notes (1893-94), which are included in

the gift. Mr. and Mrs. Carl Main, members of the society, have presented

the genealogy division with a large group of typescript and microfilm copies