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Historical News

Historical News




A Service Center for Teachers of History has recently been established

by the American Historical Association. It is located at 400 A Street, S.E.,

Washington 3, D.C. Dr. George Barr Carson, Jr., is the director.

The service center was created for the purpose of providing scholarly

leadership in meeting the problems of history teachers. The center offers

direct assistance to teachers and to schools in strengthening history courses

and increasing the effectiveness of teachers and teaching materials.

A panel of recognized professional historians in various parts of the

country will be available for consultation with teachers and school administra-

tors on courses and materials. The center is in the process of preparing

various types of booklets and informative materials to aid teachers. There

will be summaries of recent researches; outlines of standard and exceptional

courses; suggestions of subjects which should be emphasized and other sub-

jects which might be omitted if time presses; annotated selective lists of

topical, narrative, biographical, and audio-visual materials; and other items.

The center hopes, through its consultation and publication programs, to

provide materials for the teacher's self-education and enrichment, as well as

aids to "stimulate that enthusiasm for the subject which alone can arouse

genuine student interest." It expects to sponsor regional meetings between

members of university departments of history and the teachers of history

in public and private schools.

The service center welcomes inquiries from teachers, administrators, and

any other interested persons.


The Cincinnati Public Library has received by gift from the Sons and

Daughters of Pioneer Rivermen more than 50,000 items of river memorabilia.

The collection, around which an Inland River Library has been established,

includes old pictures of steamboats, steamboat logs, maps, and documents.

Mrs. Dorothy Powers has been named curator of the Inland River Library.


A North American Association of Historic Sites Public Officials was

organized recently at Woodstock, Vermont. Vrest Orton of Weston, Vermont,

chairman of the Vermont Historic Sites Commission, was elected the first