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Historical News

Historical News




The University of Chicago and the University of Virginia are sponsoring

the publication of a new and complete edition of the papers of James

Madison. The editors will appreciate information about the location of

letters by or to James Madison or his wife, especially letters in private

possession or among uncalendared manuscripts in the collections of public

or private institutions. Information should be addressed to The Papers of

James Madison, 1126 East 59th Street, Chicago 37, Illinois.


The Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission and the

Pennsylvania State University are undertaking a series of annual institutes

on Pennsylvania life and culture. This summer's institute, to be held at the

university August 12-17, will be devoted to Pennsylvania folklore and

music. The staff includes Samuel P. Bayard, Walter E. Boyer, and Albert

F. Buffington, all of Pennsylvania State University, and Sylvester K. Stevens

and Earle W. Newton of the Pennsylvania Historical and Museum


Registrants with the necessary prerequisites may schedule the course for

one semester hour of credit; auditors are admitted with no prerequisites.

Further information may be secured from S. K. Stevens, Executive Director,

Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission, P. O. Box 232, Harris-

burg, Pennsylvania.


The American Association for State and Local History is urging state

and local historical societies to take advantage of the current interest in

Civil War history, stimulated by the approaching Civil War centennial, to

collect significant historical materials pertaining to the war. Persons having

soldiers' letters, diaries, field equipment, or other war materials are re-

quested to write to the state historical society of their own state describing

their holdings. Materials collected now, it is thought, can be preserved or

restored to be used for later study or exhibit.


"Historic-House Keeping: A Short Course" is being offered for the third

year under the joint auspices of the National Trust for Historic Preserva-