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Minutes of the Fall Business Meeting

Minutes of the Fall Business Meeting

Of the Ohio Academy of History,

Tiffin, October 12, 1956



The fall meeting of the Ohio Academy of History was held at

Heidelberg College.

The president of the Academy, Dr. Grover C. Platt, called the

business meeting to order and requested Dr. Robert W. Twyman of

Bowling Green to act as temporary secretary for the purpose of

taking minutes. Thirty persons were present.

The president called the attention of those assembled to the

fact that the Ohio Historical Society had raised its annual dues for

joint membership in the Society and in the Ohio Academy of History

from $2.50 to $5.00. For the purpose of obtaining an expression of

opinion on this matter, Dr. Platt threw the general question of

continuation of the joint membership open to discussion from the


Dr. Davison of Heidelberg moved that the Ohio Academy of

History retain its joint membership with the Ohio Historical

Society at the new fee of $5.00. The motion was seconded. During

the discussion on this motion the question arose as to whether the

Ohio Academy of History could operate separately from the Society;

that is, did it have any continuing organization or staff to handle

its affairs. The question also arose as to how the new fee of $5.00

would be spent and by whom. Dr. Platt said he understood that

$4.00 of the amount would be spent by the Ohio Historical Society

and $1.00 by the Ohio Academy of History. He also expressed the

opinion that if the Ohio Academy of History severed its relationship

with the Society, the former would suffer great disadvantages. Dr.

Platt then revealed the results of a mail vote taken in the spring

of 1956 which indicated that 31 out of the 36 members of the

Academy who voted, favored continuing the joint membership with