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Historical News

Historical News




The Sarah Mellon Scaife Foundation of Pittsburgh has made a grant of

fifteen thousand dollars to the Harmonie Associates, Inc., for their use in

a program of aid to the Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission in

the restoration of Old Economy at Ambridge, Pennsylvania, a commission

property. The money will be used to refurbish the document room and four

administrative research rooms and to install proper microfilm equipment,

files, and stacks. Provisions in the grant-in-aid will make possible a qualified

indexer and research archivist to service the voluminous records of the

Harmony Society. The materials have a direct bearing on the cultural, social,

and business history of the Ohio Valley and the Mississippi region from

1805 to 1905.


The Academy of Medicine of Cincinnati will observe its centennial,

February 27 through March 5. A health museum and exposition, consisting

of 175 health and scientific exhibits, will be installed at the Cincinnati Music

Hall. The Honorable C. William O'Neil, governor of the state of Ohio,

will cut the ribbon at 9:00 A.M. on February 27. On the program are

several distinguished speakers, including Dr. Paul D. White, Dr. Walter

Alvarez, and Sir Edward Appleton, Nobel Laureate, of Edinburgh, Scotland,

who will address the centennial convocation on the evening of March 5.


Chatham College, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, is one of ten schools in

the country which have received grants from the Ford Foundation for

Educational Television. The grant carries the sum of $37,500 on a match-

ing basis to "help educational television stations secure the participation of

distinguished college and university teachers in meeting common educational

objectives." Chatham College thus extends its campus into three states,

Pennsylvania, Ohio, and West Virginia, with seven half-hour evening tele-

vision programs each week over station WQED.

Other institutions receiving the Ford Foundation Grant for Educational

Television to date are Harvard University, University of Chicago, University

of Illinois, Wayne University, University of Nebraska, North Carolina State

College, Alabama Polytechnic Institute, University of Detroit, and Wash-

ington University in St. Louis.