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Historical News

Historical News




A NATIONAL ASSEMBLY of the President's Civil War Centennial Com-

mission was held in Washington, D.C., on January 14-15, 1958. Major

General U. S. Grant, 3d, chairman of the commission, presided at the

sessions, and Dr. Bell I. Wiley, the distinguished Civil War historian of

Atlanta, Georgia, made the keynote address.

The purpose of the commission is to lead the nation in a fitting celebra-

tion of the centennial of the Civil War. At the meeting a thirteen-point

program was outlined, giving particular attention to state and local observ-

ances. Civil War History was designated the official organ of the commission.

Over two hundred representatives of historical and patriotic organizations

were in attendance. Robert S. Harper, public information officer of the

Ohio Historical Society and author of Lincoln and the Press, represented

both the Society and Governor O'Neill.


The University of Pennsylvania has announced the appointment of

William Charvat, professor of English at Ohio State University, as the

Dr. A. S. W. Rosenbach Fellow in Bibliography for 1957-58. He will

deliver three lectures at the university in April 1958 on the general theme,

"Literary Publishing in America, 1790-1850." Dr. Charvat was for some

years a member of the board of editors of the Ohio Historical Society.


A Committee to Preserve the National Capitol has been formed to

oppose congressional plans to rebuild the central portion of the east

front of the United States Capitol and extend the portico. Julian E. Berla

of the American Institute of Architects is chairman of the committee, and

Wilbur H. Hunter, Jr., director of the Peale Museum in Baltimore, is

executive secretary. The purpose of the committee is to preserve the

historical and architectural integrity of the facade of the building.

The American Institute of Architects, the Society of Architectural His-

torians, and the American Association for State and Local History are

opposing the proposed alteration. The Committee to Preserve the National

Capitol is seeking to get the matter before the American people and is