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Historical News

Historical News




THE RUTHERFORD B. HAYES LIBRARY has acquired in the past few months

a file of the weekly Clyde Enterprise from the first issue on March 21,

1878, through December 1900. The issues for 1958 are being received as

published, and the file for the intervening years will be completed at a

later date. Two original letters written by Rutherford B. Hayes have been

added to the Hayes collections. One, dated October 31, 1884, was ad-

dressed to Colonel H. J. Johnson of Cumberland, Maryland, and the other,

dated June 11, 1886, to John M. Burt of New York City. The library

also has acquired two broadsides, one for the 1876 Hayes-Tilden campaign

and one for the 1880 election, and several photographs and autographs

of Lincoln and his cabinet, including Ohioan Edwin M. Stanton.

Lee Shepard, a vice president of the Historical and Philosophical So-

ciety of Ohio, died at his home in Cincinnati on May 15, 1958. A gradu-

ate of Denison University and a lifelong resident of the Cincinnati area,

Mr. Shepard had served the society also as its secretary and as a curator,

but he was best known for his editorship of the quarterly Bulletin, which he

brought into being as a four-page news bulletin in 1943 and in the course of

fifteen years developed into a scholarly publication of some ninety pages.

Mr. Shepard's other historical interests included membership in the Society

of Colonial Wars in Ohio and the Civil War Round Table in Cincinnati.

He served at one time as governor of the Society of Colonial Wars and

was a co-founder of the Round Table.

J. Walter Coleman, superintendent of the Gettysburg Memorial Park

since 1941, has been appointed historian in the Washington office of the

National Park Service. Dr. Coleman will serve as liaison with the Civil

War Centennial Commission and other groups planning Civil War cen-

tennial observances and will coordinate programs in the National Park

system's twenty-five Civil War areas. He will also conduct special studies

on events of the war to be commemorated on a nationwide basis and

act in an advisory capacity on publications and program data.

Effective September 1, 1958, David C. Riede will be promoted from

the rank of instructor to that of assistant professor in the department of

history at the University of Akron.