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Historical News

Historical News




THE STATE HISTORICAL SOCIETY of Missouri recently inaugurated a survey

of historic sites in Missouri as the initial step in the preservation of the

state's historic sites, according to Floyd C. Shoemaker, secretary of the society.

The survey will utilize National Park Service standards and procedures.

Local historical organizations in nearly half of Missouri's counties will be

asked to cooperate in the coordination of data.


The Michigan Historical Commission has published a report on its state-

wide historical marking program, which was inaugurated in 1953. The first of

the new markers was unveiled on October 22, 1955, at Michigan State Uni-

versity. Since that time nearly fifty markers have been erected or are

scheduled for erection in the near future. Texts for the markers are pre-

pared by the staff of the commission.


The Winterthur Museum of Winterthur, Delaware, is offering for the

sixth year, five fellowships under the Winterthur Program in Early American

Culture. A two-year course of study, supervised jointly by the museum

and the University of Delaware, leads to the degree of master of arts.

The fellowships pay up to $2,000 annually for the two-year period. The

program is designed to attract promising young scholars looking toward a

career in curatorship, teaching, research, journalism, or librarianship in such

institutions as museums, colleges, historical societies, restoration projects,

and historic sites.


A catalog of their current exhibition has recently been published by the

Henry Monsky Foundation, B'nai B'rith. The exhibition, "Contributions of

Jews to American Civilization," was opened November 24, 1957, in the

Philip M. and Ethel Klutznick Exhibit Hall in the B'nai B'rith Building in

Washington, D. C. The exhibition comprises twenty-five cases of documents,

books, pamphlets, photographs, silver, and art objects. There is also a

section devoted to paintings and sculpture by American-Jewish artists.


The Rutherford B. Hayes Library recently published its annual report