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Historical News

Historical News






Jamestown Foundation announce the establishment of a special prize

competition for the best unpublished book-length manuscript about

seventeenth-century America. The annual prize will consist of $1,000

and publication by the institute.

All manuscripts submitted, whether winning an award or not, will

be considered for publication by the institute. The competition will be

judged by the publications committee of the institute's council in associa-

tion with the editorial staff of the institute. Manuscripts should be sub-

mitted not later than December 1, 1959, to James M. Smith, Editor of

Publications, Institute of Early American History and Culture, Box

1298, Williamsburg, Virginia.


The Annual Magazine Subject-Index, which was especially strong in

state history over the years of its publication from 1908 to 1952, will be

reprinted in cumulated form in a two-volume edition by G. K. Hall and

Company of Boston.

The index covers Volumes 1 through 58 of this Quarterly.


The American Jewish Archives Publication No. 4 has been issued

recently under the title Essays in American Jewish History. The 534-

page volume commemorates the tenth anniversary of the founding of the

American Jewish Archives under the direction of Jacob R. Marcus.

The volume is composed of a score of essays by noted scholars, which

cast light on important figures such as Isaac M. Wise and picture

American Jewish economic, cultural, and political life.

Dr. Marcus was named honorary president of the American Jewish

Historical Society at its annual meeting held in New York City on

February 21-22, 1959. Dr. Marcus also is the editor of American Jewry:

Documents, 18th Century, recently published by Hebrew Union College.

William D. Overman, director of the Firestone Archives and Library,

is the author of a 155-page book, Ohio Town Names, published in Febru-

ary by the Atlantic Press of Akron.