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Historical News

Historical News




THE FIRST ANNUAL American history award of the Mississippi Valley

Historical Association went to Donald F. Warner, professor of history

at Wisconsin State College. The presentation of the one thousand

dollar prize was made on April 23 at the annual meeting of the

association in Denver, Colorado. Dr. Warner's winning entry, entitled

"The Idea of Continental Union: Agitation for Annexation of Canada

to the United States, 1849-1893," will be published in early 1960 by the

University of Kentucky Press.


The Ohio Folklore Society held its annual spring meeting on April

11 at the Ohio State Museum. Speakers at the afternoon session were

D. K. Wilgus, Western Kentucky State College, George List, Indiana

University, and John Ball, Miami University. An informal jamboree

was held in the evening with outstanding Ohio folklorists participating.

Members of the group were after-session guests of Mr. and Mrs. Frank

T. Sayers at their Upper Arlington home.

At the business session the following officers were elected for two-year

terms: president, George Kummer, Western Reserve University; vice

president, Claude M. Simpson, Jr., Ohio State University; secretary-

treasurer, Lorraine B. Furbish, Lakewood Public Library; member-

ship chairman, Merrill Gilfillan, Columbus; newsletter chairman, Anne

Grimes, Columbus. Dr. Ball was named regional editor of Mid-West


The fall meeting of the society will be held at Marietta College on

October 17.


At the University of Akron, Clara G. Roe, professor of history and

chairman of the department of history, will retire at the conclusion of

the summer session, and George W. Knepper will become department

head in September 1959.

Two new men will be added to the department in September. Edgar A.

Toppin, formerly of the State Teachers College, Fayetteville, North