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Historical News

Historical News




annual national master's essay competition open in the academic year

1959-60. The first William P. Lyons Master's Essay Award will be

made for the best essay submitted by July 15, 1960, in manuscript form,

from those which have merited M.A. degrees from American univer-

sities during 1959-60. The award will recognize work that is exemplary

in style and method, based solidly on original sources, and interpreta-

tively significant in current scholarship. The winning essay will be

published with the cooperation of the Loyola University Press.

Requests for further details should be submitted to Professor Edward

T. Gargan, Department of History, Loyola University, 6525 Sheridan

Road, Chicago 26, Illinois.

The Historical and Philosophical Society of Ohio announces the

appointment of Herbert F. Koch as its director, effective December 1,

1959. Mr. Koch, a member of the board of trustees of the society, is

well known for his radio and television broadcasts on historical sub-

jects, as well as for talks and lectures. He has recently retired as pro-

fessor at the University of Cincinnati in the college of business admin-

istration. Mr. Koch succeeds Richard G. Arms, who served as director

from November 1957 to July 1959.

The annual meeting of the society will be held on December 7, 1959.

The featured speaker will be Dwight P. Green of Winnetka, Illinois.

Meredith B. Colket, Jr., director of the Western Reserve Historical

Society, served as director of the ninth annual American Institute of

Genealogical Research, which was held from July 13 through July 31 at

the National Archives Building, Washington, D. C. The institute was

sponsored by the department of history of the American University with

the cooperation of the American Society of Genealogists, the Maryland

Hall of Records, and the National Archives and Records Service.

George W. Knepper, acting head of the history department at the

University of Akron, has been promoted to associate professor. Dr.

Knepper served as chairman of the university's Lincoln sesquicentennial