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Historical News

Historical News




THE SIXTH ANNUAL SUMMER Institute on Historical and Archival

Management will be offered by Radcliffe College with the co-sponsor-

ship of the department of history of Harvard University during the

six weeks, June 29 through August 7, 1959.

Lawrence W. Towner, editor of the William and Mary Quarterly

and director of graduate studies at the College of William and Mary,

will direct the course. The staff will consist of eighteen or more experts

in the fields covered by the institute.

The class, which is limited to fifteen, will be conducted as a seminar.

Two full-tuition scholarships ($200 each) are available. Inquiries

should be addressed to the Institute, 10 Garden Street, Cambridge 38,



One of the post-doctoral fellowships of the Institute of Early Ameri-

can History and Culture will be available beginning in the summer

of 1959. The appointment is for a three-year term. A young scholar

whose dissertation has marked potentialities for publication will have a

distinct advantage. The fellow will be assigned six hours per year in

teaching at the College of William and Mary with the rank of instructor

in history. The rest of his time may be devoted to his own research

and writing.

The Eleutherian Mills-Hagley Foundation, in cooperation with the

University of Delaware, is again offering two fellowships in American

history to candidates for the master's degree. The program covers a

two-year period with an annual stipend of $1,800. The fellows wil

take eight hours in museum techniques and research in industrial histor)

at the Hagley Museum and twenty-seven hours in the history o:

American life and thought and prepare a thesis at the university

Further information may be secured from the Dean, School of Graduat

Studies, University of Delaware, Newark, Delaware.


The Historical and Philosophical Society of Ohio acquired early las

year, through the Chester F. Kroger memorial fund, three letters writter