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Historical News

Historical News





the University of Delaware, is again offering two fellowships in Ameri-

can history and museum training. The fellowships carry an annual

stipend of $1,800, renewable for the second year, and lead to a master's



The fourteenth annual spring exhibition at the Historical and Philo-

sophical Society of Ohio, "The Turn of the Century, Cincinnati from

1890 to 1910," will be held from April 22 through June 26.


Leslie H. Fishel, Jr., was installed as director of the State Historical

Society of Wisconsin on October 31, 1959. Dr. Fishel was formerly

a member of the staff at Oberlin College.


Richard C. Knopf, staff historian of the Anthony Wayne Parkway

Board, is the transcriber and editor of a volume entitled Anthony

Wayne: A Name in Arms, a compilation of the correspondence between

General Wayne and the three secretaries of war during the Indian wars

in the Old Northwest, 1792-96. The 566-page book, published by the

University of Pittsburgh Press, is fully illustrated. Mr. Knopf is also

the author of a small volume for school children entitled Indians in the

Ohio Country published recently by Modern Methods.

On January 18, 1960, J. Richard Lawwill, director of the board, Ralph

W. Peters, chairman of the board, and Mr. Knopf attended the confer-

ence on planning a sesquicentennial commemoration of the War of 1812

in the Northwest. James M. Babcock, chief of the Burton Historical

Collection, was chairman of the conference, and Mr. Knopf served as



Under the editorship of Daniel F. Prugh, director of the society,

the Franklin County Historical Society has brought out a new his-

torical quarterly entitled Landmarks. The first issue, which appeared