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Minutes of the Meeting of the

Minutes of the Meeting of the

Ohio Academy of History,

Columbus, March 26, 1960



THE OHIO ACADEMY OF HISTORY held its twenty-seventh annual meet-

ing at the Ohio State Museum on Saturday, March 26, 1960.

Two concurrent sessions were held in the morning and two in the

afternoon. John Hall Stewart of Western Reserve University acted as

chairman of the modern European history section, at which James M.

Laux of the University of Cincinnati delivered a paper on "De Gaulle in

Power, 1944-1946," and Thomas E. Auge of John Carroll University

spoke on "The Trials of the French Collaborators, 1944-1945." Dis-

cussion of these two papers was led by Willard A. Smith of the Uni-

versity of Toledo and Henry N. Whitney of Kent State University.

In the field of American history, Stanton Ling Davis of Case Institute

of Technology presided over a session featuring papers by Thomas A.

Flinn of Oberlin, on "Continuity and Change in Ohio Politics (Pre-

Civil War to the Present)," and Eugene C. Drozdowski of Kent State

University, on "Edwin M. Stanton, Critic of the Lincoln Administra-

tion." Eugene C. Murdock of Marietta College and Robert Hartje of

Wittenberg University led a spirited discussion. With Harold J.

Grimm of Ohio State University in the chair, the afternoon session on

historiography included papers entitled "James Ford Rhodes: The

Problem of Objectivity in the Writing of History," presented by Robert

Cruden of Baldwin-Wallace College, and "Historism and Friedrich

Meinecke," prepared by Helmut Haeussler of Wittenberg University.

Discussion leaders for this session were Duane D. Smith of the Univer-

sity of Toledo and John C. Rule of Ohio State University. The final

session, devoted to Southeast Asian history, was chaired by Morton B.

Stratton of Denison University. David R. Sturtevant of Muskingum

College read a paper entitled "Nativistic Movements in the Philippines:

A Study in Protest Patterns," and John F. Cady of Ohio University

presented his views on "Recent Developments in Burma: The Swing of

the Pendulum." Frank W. Ikle of Miami University and Ellsworth

C. Carlson of Oberlin College led the discussion of these two topics.