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Suggestions for a Plan of County

Suggestions for a Plan of County

Organization: Charles Dick Lays the

Groundwork for the Campaign of 1896


Edited by THOMAS E. FELT*



CAMPAIGN "textbooks" for the party faithful have been

used to inspire electoral success for close to a hundred years

in this country, and were the document published below just

another one of this familiar species it would deserve no par-

ticular notice. But this is a campaign textbook with a differ-

ence. Where its more conventional brothers are heavy with

biographical sketches of party saints, excerpts from the elo-

quence of party spokesmen, and reprints of party platforms,

this is a manual devoted entirely to the difficult matter of

local party organization and action.

"Suggestions For Plan of County Organization" is the

title as printed on the cover; the Republican national com-

mittee is the sponsor, if not the author; and 1896 is the date.

Not printed as a pamphlet, it has the physical appearance of a

legal brief. The present copy, which is the only one known to

the editor, is from the papers of Charles Dick in the library

of the Ohio Historical Society. It is printed in an unusual

fool-the-eye typewriter face, following advice given in the

text itself. How many copies were printed is not known.

Readers who may learn of other copies or of references to

the document can help to clear up the point. But whether it

was widely distributed or not, this handbook of vote-getting

* Thomas E. Felt is an instructor in history at the College of Wooster. Another

political document from the hand of Charles Dick that he has edited was published

in the January 1958 issue of the Quarterly (LXVII, pp. 50-62) under the title

"Organizing a National Convention: A Lesson from Senator Dick."