Ohio History Journal


ADLAI E. STEVENSON, United States am-

bassador to the United Nations, has given

his papers relating to his campaign for

governor of Illinois in 1948 and the pa-

pers of his terms as governor (1949-53)

to the Illinois State Historical Society,


In a statement accompanying his letter

of gift, Ambassador Stevenson said:

"Feeling that the preservation of papers

affecting our past is important for the

future . . . and because of my family's

long residence in Illinois and close con-

nection with public affairs in this state

for well over a hundred years, I am grate-

ful that the State Historical Library wants

these papers and I hope that they will

prove of some historical value and con-

venience to students."


Mackinac Island State Park Commission,

Mackinac Island, Michigan, has issued

four booklets this summer. The first, en-

titled Michilimackinac: Its History and

Restoration, by Eugene T. Petersen, di-

rector of the Historic Projects Division,

not only contains the story of the famous

fort erected about 1715 by the French at

the Straits of Mackinac near present-day

Mackinaw City, but also gives a fascinat-

ing account of the historical and archaeo-

logical researches that preceded the re-

cent restoration of the fortification and a

description of the completed restoration

and the exhibits which may be seen by

visitors at this state park.

The second is entitled War 1812, and

was prepared by George S. May, research

archivist of the Michigan Historical Com-

mission. This forty-three page booklet re-

lates the vital role that Mackinac Island,

which lies in the Straits of Mackinac and

was the site of Fort Mackinac, played in

the course of the war in the upper Great


The third publication, Historic Guide-

book: Mackinac Island, also by George

S. May, provides detailed information

concerning the historical attractions and

natural wonders that have long made

Mackinac one of America's most popular

tourist and resort centers. Maps are in-

cluded on which are located fifty-one

island points of interest, six historical

tours, and a number of nature trails.

The fourth booklet is a beautifully

illustrated thirty-two page brochure en-

titled The Forts of Mackinac. It con-

tains over forty full-color photographs

of Fort Mackinac and Fort Michilimack-

inac by Chicago photographer Torkel

Korling, who succeeds in capturing in his

pictures the history, beauty, and excite-

ment of the Mackinac area.

These booklets may be purchased from

the Historic Projects Division, Mackinac

Island State Park Commission, Mackinac

Island, Michigan.