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150                                          OHIO HISTORY



Capitol has been received through the

kindness of Dr. Wilcomb E. Washburn,

curator of the division of political history

of the Smithsonian Institution, Washing-

ton, D.C. The glass negative was acquired

recently by the Smithsonian from the

archives of the Baltimore and Ohio Rail-

road. It is shown on the opposite page.

The picture was probably taken in the

early 1870's. The Columbus City Hall,

completed in 1872, is shown at the right.

WILLIAM E. MARSHALL, formerly head of

the department of exhibits and design of

the Ohio Historical Society, has been ap-

pointed executive director of the State

Historical Society of Colorado. After

eight years with the Ohio society, Mr.

Marshall joined the Colorado institution

in 1960 as deputy director. His final

major work for the Ohio Historical So-

ciety included the installation of the new

Bird Hall and the new Arts and Crafts

Hall in the Ohio State Museum.

Several other members of the Society's

staff have likewise moved on to distin-

guished positions with other institutions

in recent years. These include Robert L.

Damm, the Society's field representative

(1958-62) and supervisor of education

(1959-62), who is director of education

of Old Mystic Seaport, Mystic, Connecti-

cut; Bruce C. Harding, state archivist of

Ohio (1957-61), who is archivist of Mich-

igan; John S. Still, the Society's curator

of history when he resigned in 1959 after

nine years' service, who is assistant to

the chief curator and curator of craft

shops at the Henry Ford Museum and

Greenfield Village, Dearborn, Michigan;

George F. Jenny, supervisor of education

(1945-59), who joined the Columbus

public school system to develop and

head its conservation education program;

Frances L. Goudy, reference librarian

(1958-59), who became head librarian of

Grove City College, Pennsylvania; Robert

C. Wheeler, head of the newspaper divi-

sion of the Society's library (1942-50)

and field representative till 1957, who is

assistant director of the Minnesota His-

torical Society; and John W. Weather-

ford, curator of manuscripts (1954-57),

who resigned to become assistant director

of libraries at Miami University.

Dr. Still served as president of the Mid-

west Museums Conference in 1962. He

was also editor of the Midwest Museums

Quarterly for several years.


Commission has submitted a printed re-

port to President Kennedy containing "a

proposal . . . to meet existing and antici-

pated needs over the next ten years under

a national program for the collection,

preservation, and publication, or dis-

semination by other means, of the docu-

mentary sources of American history."

Included in the report are proposed

amendments to the federal records act of

1950, which created the commission, au-

thorizing and providing for congressional

appropriations of not more than $500,000

a year for a grants-in-aid program in

which grants can be made to federal,

state, and local agencies and to non-profit

organizations and institutions "for the

collecting, describing, editing, and pub-