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228                                                        OHIO HISTORY














Deep, shallow, becalmed, turbulent,

Restless, undulant, constantly nascent,

Shingled by feathers and aerated spray,

Its mobile surface rarely quiescent;

Glacier-born and glacier-scoured,

Time-clock of steady terrestrial action,

Unfolding to eager sensate ears

Nature's story in constant redaction;

Symbol of restless liquidity,

Nursery of storms and tumultuous roaring,

Playground of sail and fin and man,

Magnet of wing's resistant soaring!

By day its dome uplifted skyward --

At night snatched from darkness by Orion

Or its Undine face bending to the moon,

Mistress in vesture riparian;

The moon's ectoplasm rises out of the water;

The wind spills waves' spray on aqueous floor;

Erie, talking a ringing, wild slang,

Annexes the inundated shore.