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Captain Brown Outfits the Mount Vernon Blues

For the "Toledo War"


The "Mount Vernon Blues," a militia rifle company, was organized in 1835,

when Ohio mobilized its military forces in preparation for possible hostili-

ties with Michigan. This dispute between the state of Ohio and the territory

of Michigan over the location of their common boundary line, is known as

the Toledo War.

In Mount Vernon, Ohio, General William Bevans, a former Knox County

sheriff, authorized Benjamin L. Brown to organize an infantry company

for service in the Fifth Brigade of the Seventh Division of Ohio militia.

Young Captain Brown plunged wholeheartedly into the task, and he faith-

fully kept a complete set of records of its activities. The record of an

election of officers held on September 4, 1835, shows that he had enlisted

forty-six men in his company by that date.

Getting his men in uniform was Captain Brown's biggest project, and

his detailed records report every transaction. He spent $300 for 100 yards

of cloth in New York on October 10. At William H. Horstman's in