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1. Daily Globe (Toronto), May 7, 26, 1863; Daily Leader (Toronto), May 15, 19, 27,

1863; Quebec Morning Chronicle, July 11, 1863.

The author wishes to extend his thanks to the American Philosophical Society for a

grant-in-aid which subsidized a research trip to Windsor, Toronto, and Ottawa in

Canada as well as to a score of United States libraries. This article dealing with Vallan-

digham's stay in Canada is a companion to one entitled "Clement L. Vallandigham's

Exile in the Confederacy, May 15-June 17, 1863" which appeared in the Journal of

Southern History, XXXI (1965), 149-163.

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8. Watkin, Canada and Her States, 455; Ogden to Seward, July 15, 1863, Seward


9. Quoted in Watkin, Canada and Her States, 455.

10. The Quebec Mercury (July 13, 1863) and Ogden, the United States consul, both

reported that Vallandigham left Quebec via a special train, a favor of Brydges and

Watkin. On the other hand, Watkin later wrote that Vallandigham "accepted a free pass

to Niagara." He should know. Another passenger, who accompanied Vallandigham part

of the way on the cars (reported in the Buffalo Commercial Advertiser, July 14, 1863),

would seem to support Watkin's contention. Ogden was a most inept reporter. He even

credited William Walker, who had died two months earlier, with being at the dinner

for Vallandigham given at the Stadacona clubhouse. Robin W. Winks, Canada and the

United States: The Civil War Years (Baltimore, 1960), 143, stated that Vallandigham

traveled to Niagara Falls in "a special coach" rather than a special train. Winks also

had the deceased Walker attending the dinner.

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17. John Sandfield Macdonald formed a Liberal administration, which took office on

May 24, 1862. Louis V. Sicotte led the moderate Liberals as attorney general, holding

a post in the cabinet and having Thomas D'Arcy McGee (of Montreal West) as an

associate. Near the close of the session of the seventh parliament, after the Macdonald

government failed to get a majority vote on the second reading of the militia bill, G. E.

Cartier and John A. Macdonald introduced a "no confidence" motion in the legislative

assembly, and the motion carried by a 64 to 59 vote.

18. Many historians (e.g., Winks, 143) have stated that Vallandigham also received

a public reception in Montreal, but the evidence fails to substantiate that contention.

Even James L. Vallandigham, A Life of Clement L. Vallandigham (Baltimore, 1872),

316, credits the Stadacona Club dinner to Montreal rather than Quebec. The American

consul general in Montreal made no mention of Vallandigham stopping over in the

city--had Vallandigham been given a public dinner the consul would have known it.

Nor do the Montreal newspapers bear out the story that Montreal citizens feted


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