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Canal, and one of the alleged participants in the syndicate was Charles P. Taft, the

brother of William Howard Taft. These allegations were never satisfactorily proven

and they were regarded by some as a maneuver to embarrass Taft's candidacy for

president. Concerning Bunau-Varilla's activities in Cincinnati, the author has not found

any mention of a member of the Taft family.

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in Bunau-Varilla's efforts to secure the recognition of Panama by the nations of the


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1. The Signal, December 17, 1914. The bulk of the material for this article was taken

from the National Archives, Washington, D. C. I should like to thank the College Research

Institute of Texas Western College for making my research in Washington, D. C., pos-

sible. Microfilm of the Signal, one of Zanesville's daily newspapers, was made available

to me by the Ohio Historical Society, for which I wish to express my appreciation.

2. Work on the "West Pike" was begun in August 1829. The first section of twenty-one

miles west of Zanesville was substantially finished and opened to regular travel in 1831.

By 1833 work on the remainder was sufficiently advanced to permit mail service over the

whole length of the road, though it was not fully completed until late in 1835. Reports of

the Secretary of War, Senate Executive Documents, 21 cong., 2 sess., No. 17, p. 16; 22

cong., 1 sess., No. 58, p. 2; 23 cong., 1 sess., No. 1, p. 81; 24 cong., 1 sess., No. 1, p. 194.

For vivid descriptions of the old National Road, see the following: Thomas B. Searight,

The Old Pike: A History of the National Road, with Incidents, Accidents, and Anecdotes

Thereon (Uniontown, Pa., 1894); Archer Butler Hulbert, The Cumberland Road (Historic

Highways of America, X, Cleveland, 1904); R. Carlyle Buley, The Old Northwest: Pio-

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