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190                                                         OHIO HISTORY


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Exchange Between Farm Products and Other Products," Typewritten Copy in USDA

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adherence to the doctrines of laissez faire was stated even more bluntly to the Inter-

national Live Stock Convention at Chicago on December 4, 1924, when the President

asserted the farmer's "business and his welfare are all governed by natural and inevitable

laws," Quoted in Congressional Digest, IV (October, 1925), 261.

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39. Wallace stated his objections to the bill in a letter to Senator W. L. Jones, Chair-

man of the Commerce Committee, June 2, 1924. Copy in Coolidge Papers.

40. Such rumors were given periodic official denials: Letter, C. Bascom Slemp (Secre-

tary to the President) to L. A. Andrew, September 12, 1923; Bascom to L. French,

March 6, 1924; and Slemp to William Hirth, July 30, 1924. Copies in Coolidge Papers.

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farm leaders felt the same way; see Gilbert C. Fite, George Peek And The Fight For

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1920. Box 478, Warren G. Harding Papers, Ohio Historical Society. Calderon describes

an interview with Fall and tells about Fall's ideas on recognition.

2. Report of interview of Alvaro Obregon with George T. Summerlin, September 13,

1920, in "Relations Between the United States and Mexico, 1910-1929," 812.00/246421/2

Microfilmed State Department Records. Many of the State Department dispatches cited

herein also appear in Foreign Relations of the United States (Washington, D. C., 1936)

for the years 1921-22-23.

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