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270                                                         OHIO HISTORY


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1. A source of information often relied on for the early history of the Germans in

the United States is a German-language periodical, Der Deutsche Pionier, published in

Cincinnati from 1869 to 1887. A series of articles which it ran in 1875 under the title

"Die Deutschen Pioniere des Scioto-Thales" has proved, however, to be at times

untrustworthy. In reference to the War of 1812-14 passage used by Albert B. Faust in

The German Element in the United States (Boston, 1909), I, 423-424, the information

given appears likely to be incorrect.

2. The statements concerning German families in Chillicothe are based on data

derived from the manuscript census returns, available on microfilm made from the

original returns in the National Archives. The census of 1850, which was the first to list

place of birth, shows 1,298 families in Chillicothe, of which by actual count, 403, or 31

percent were those whose head was born in German-speaking countries. (The figure

403 does not include French and Swiss families, the great majority of which bore

German names.) Of these 403 families, 290 contained one or more children not born

abroad, virtually all of them having been born in Ohio and, presumably, the greater

proportion in Chillicothe.

In 1910, out of a total population of 14,508, Chillicothe had 424 German-born and

1,255 native-born whose parents were both born in Germany. Thirteenth Census of the

United States, 1910: Population, III, 420.

The following is a graphic picture of the population breakdown. Information pertain-