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68                                                         OHIO HISTORY


12. See Bernard Mayo, "Lexington: Frontier Metropolis," in Eric F. Goldman, ed.,

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13. See Cincinnati Daily Gazette, September 1, 1837.

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15. There are numerous sources detailing Cincinnati's rapid economic and commercial

significance. Of special significance are the three works of Charles Cist: Cincinnati in

1841 (Cincinnati, 1841); Cincinnati in 1851 (Cincinnati, 1851); Cincinnati in 1859 (Cin-

cinnati, 1859).

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22. See, for example, The First Fifty Years of the New England Society, a Historical

Sketch (Cincinnati, 1895). The Cincinnati Historical Society has a collection of pamphlets

relating to this society; one was written by Lyman Beecher.

23. Emmet F. Horine, Daniel Drake, 1785-1852, Pioneer Physician of the Midwest

(Philadelphia, 1961). See also, Edward D. Mansfield, Memoirs of the Life and Services

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cusses Drake's "genius and character" on pages 167-173.

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26. Longworth is sorely in need of biographical attention. There is a sympathetic

personal portrait of him in Clara Longworth de Chambrun, The Making of Nicholas

Longworth (New York, 1933), 27-54.

27. For example, Catherine Anderson wrote to Hiram Powers on November 25, 1851

that Longworth had become a patron of all the "young poetesses" in Cincinnati. Powers

Collection, Cincinnati Historical Society.

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is curator of rare books at the Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County.

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36. The Cincinnati Historical Society is blessed with an excellent collection of travel


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Five Years, 1817 to 1821," Quarterly Publication of the Historical and Philosophical

Society of Ohio, XI (1916), 38.





1. The major source for this paper has been the William Tecumseh Sherman family

letters and papers in the Archives of the University of Notre Dame, Notre Dame,

Indiana. Included in the collection are: the personal correspondence between Sherman

and his wife from 1842 to 1888; miscellaneous letters between members of the family;

newspaper clippings; photographs; miscellaneous materials; and copies of letters from

Sherman to Major Henry Turner of St. Louis, John T. Doyle of Menlo Park, California,