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176                                                          OHIO HISTORY


Hauptsachlich aus dem hinterlassenen Manuscripten eines zu Seiner Zeit beruhmt

gewesenen Arztes in Virginia gezogen (Osnaburg, Ohio, 1837); Thomas R. Brendle

and Claude W. Unger, "Folk Medicine of the Pennsylvania Germans: The Non-Occult

Cures," Pennsylvania German Society Proceedings, XLV (1935), 249. The title page

is reproduced in facsimile, G 39.

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1802-1881," Our Almanac and Annual-Register for 1883 (Covington, Ohio [1882]),

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on the Froelichianer movement is found in Delbert Gratz, "Samuel Froelich," The

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62. Until December 1856 the title was The Gospel-Visiter, an acceptable spelling

at that time. See Durnbaugh, "Brethren Bibliography," 36, and the anniversary issue

of the succesor of The Visitor, The Gospel Messenger, June 16, 1951.

63. A. H. Cassel to H. Kurtz, Harleysville, Pa., November 4, 1850; copy, Cassel Col-

lection, Juniata College Library.

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