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Rutherford B. Hayes


The Ohio State University


It was bitterly cold the day former President Hayes arrived in Cleveland

in January 1893. He had come from Columbus and was in search of some-

one to head the new manual training department for The Ohio State Uni-

versity. Both as a member and as the president of the board of trustees he

had been actively concerned with the establishment of a good manual

training department for the institution. Snow fell and was blown by a

wind that must have made the day seem even colder than the four to

twelve degrees reported in the newspaper.1

Hayes did not let the weather keep him from his duties, but took a street-

car and then proceeded by foot to University School where he had hoped

to find the administrator the board was seeking. After staying overnight

with his son Webb, he went to the train station Saturday afternoon, the

fourteenth, for the return home to Fremont when he was suddenly stricken

with a heart attack. Some stimulants were given to him in the waiting

room, and against Webb's wishes he continued to Spiegel Grove where he

died the following Tuesday.2 His long interest in the University had started

when he became governor in 1868 and was still active at the time of his


During the years he served as city solicitor, congressman, governor and

president, Rutherford B. Hayes became familiar with many social prob-