Ohio History Journal

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A Survey of Publications

on the History and Archaeology

of Ohio, 1972-1973






COFFIN, LEVI, Reminiscences of Levi Coffin. New York, AMS Press, 1971. (Reprint of

1876 ed.); 712p. Reputed president of the Underground Railroad.

FLADELAND, BETTY, Men and Brothers: Anglo-American Antislavery Cooperation.

Urbana, University of Illinois Press, 1972. 480p.

GARRISON, WILLIAM LLOYD, ed., by Louis Ruchames, Letters of William Lloyd Garrison:

A House Dividing Against Itself, II, Cambridge, Harvard University Press, 1971. 770p.

Includes period 1836 to 1840.

MILLER, RANDALL M., "The Union Humane Society," Quaker History, LXI (1972),


PEASE, JANE H. and WILLIAM H. PEASE, Bound with Them in Chains: A Biographical

History of the Antislavery Movement. Westport, Conn., Greenwood Publishing Co.,

1972. 334p. Discusses some Ohioans.

RATCLIFFE, DONALD J., "Captain James Riley and Antislavery Sentiment in Ohio, 1819-

1824," Ohio History, LXXXI (1972), 76-94.





Central States Archaeological Journal. Published by several archaeological societies.

Covers Illinois, Missouri, Indiana, Arkansas, Kentucky, Tennessee, and Iowa.

CONVERSE, ROBERT N., Ohio Slate Types. Plain City, Ohio, Archaeological Society of

Ohio, 1971. 48p.

Historical Archaeology. Published annually by The Society for Historical Archaeology.

Prime concern is the Western Hemisphere.

Ohio Archaeologist. Quarterly by the Archaeological Society of Ohio devoted to the dis-

cussion and illustration of artifacts found primarily in Ohio.





BARNES, JARIUS B. and MOSELLE T. MEALS, American Furniture in the Western Reserve.

Cleveland, Western Reserve Historical Society, 1972. 117 illustrations; 136p.

EVANS, BRUCE H., "The Paintings of Edward Edmondson (1830-1884)," Dayton Art Insti-

tute, Bulletin, XXX (1972). Special exhibition issue; 36p.