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Checklist of Major Research Projects

Initiated in 1973 and Completed

Masters and Doctors Degrees

on Topics Relating to Ohio, 1973*






GUTGESELL, STEPHEN C., Union Guide to Ohio Newspapers. Chief Cataloger, Ohio Histori-

cal Society.

LEVSTIK, FRANK R., Guide to State Archives at the Ohio Historical Society. Assistant State

Archivist, Ohio Historical Society.

PIKE, KERMIT J., Guide to the Manuscripts in the Shaker Collection at the Western Reserve

Historical Society. Chief Librarian, Western Reserve Historical Society.

ROWLAND, JOHN, Guide to Ohio Biographical and Family History Records. Reference Li-

brarian, Ohio Historical Society.

WEBB, LINDA S., Guide to Manuscripts at the Ohio Historical Society, Vol. 2. Manuscripts

Librarian, Ohio Historical Society.





CARNER, VERN, Biography of William Miller, 1782-1849. Religion prof., Loma Linda Univ.

COTTOM, ROBERT I., JR., James A. Garfield. Johns Hopkins Univ., Ph.D., hist. dept.

DANNENBAUM, JED, The Temperance Movement in the United States and England,

1830-1900: A Comparative Study of Sheffield, Yorkshire, and Cincinnati, Ohio. Univ. of

Calif., Ph.D., hist. dept.

GLASS, BRENT D., Influence of New England Culure and Community in the Western Reserve.

Univ. of North Carolina, Ph.D., hist. dept.

GRUBER, ROBERT H., Salmon P. Chase, Idealist in Politics. Univ. of Maryland, Ph.D., hist.




*The data has been compiled with the aid of staff members of the Ohio Historical Society, from re-

cords of patron registration at the eight libraries comprising the Ohio Network of American History

Research Centers, from mail and telephone reference inquiries, from published research-in-progress lists

in professional journals, and from information solicited from professors at Ohio's fifteen history graduate


Revisions, corrections and additions should be directed to the compiler, Chief Reference Librarian,

Ohio Historical Society, for inclusion in the next checklist. For a list of on-going major research proj-

ects, see Ohio History, Vol. 82 (Winter-Spring 1973). 105-112.