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A Survey of Publications

on the History and Archaeology

of Ohio, 1973 to 1974






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Central State ArchaeologicalJournal. Published by several archaeological societies. Covers

Illinois, Missouri, Indiana, Arkansas, Indiana, Arkansas, Kentucky, Tennessee, and Iowa.

Historical Archaeology. Published annually by The Society for Historical Archaeology.

Prime concern is the Western Hemisphere.

Ohio Archaeologist. Quarterly by the Archaeological Society of Ohio devoted to the dis-

cussion and illustration of artifacts found primarily in Ohio.





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passed from the scene 19?? . . .," Graphic Antiquarian, III (October 1972), 12-15. Con-

cerns Ohioans Hamilton L. Smith, William Neff, and Peter Neff, Jr.

FAST, LOUISA K., Early 1800 Houses of Tiffin [Ohio]. Privately published by AAUW, 1971.