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Notes and Queries

Notes and Queries





The Papers of Thirteen Early Ohio Political Leaders: An Inventory to the

1976-77 Microfilm Editions, compiled by Linda E. Kalette, has been

published by the Ohio Historical Society. Included in this inventory are the

manuscript collections of Ethan Allen Brown, Samuel Huntington, Return J.

Meigs, Jr., Arthur St. Clair, Micajah T. Williams, Thomas Worthington,

Charles Hammond, Thomas Kirker, Othniel Looker, Jeremiah Morrow,

Winthrop Sargent, Edward Tiffin, and Allen Trimble, as well as two

executive letterbooks-Letters From the Executive of Ohio and Ohio

Governors' Letters-and one executive journal-the Northwest Territory

Transcripts. Taken as a whole, these collections provide an unparalleled body

of primary source material about Ohio's early development. The majority of

material was generated from 1776 to 1852 and broadly outlines diverse

aspects of life in Ohio during these years of growth: internal improvements;

emigration, land, and frontier settlement; wars with Britain and

confrontations between Indians and settlers; a fluctuating economic climate;

the development of education; and the evolution of state and local

governments. These papers reflect the fact that Ohio was an integral part of

the national scene by supplying insights into national politics, slavery, the

country's expansion, banking, military and Indian history, and foreign affairs.

This inventory is available for $15.00, with a 20 percent discount for schools

and libraries, from the Sales Department of the Ohio Historical Society, 1-71

and 17th Avenue, Columbus, Ohio 43211.

A reprint of The Log Architecture of Ohio, by Donald A. Hutslar, is now

available from the Ohio Historical Society. The 95-page, softcover book

includes sections about log construction in Ohio, the technique of log

construction, tools and materials, design of log buildings, construction

practice, furnishings, and contemporary descriptions of log buildings in Ohio.

The price of the reprint is $3.00 ($2.40 for members) plus postage and handling.

Orders should be sent to the Sales Department, Ohio Historical Society.

The Ohio Historic Records Preservation Advisory Board (OHRPAB), the

state board of the National Historic Publications and Records Commission, is

accepting applications from archives, libraries, and manuscript repositories

for grants related to the preservation and use of historical records and

manuscripts. Projects designed to advance the state of the art, promote

cooperative efforts among institutions and organizations, and to improve the

knowledge, performance, and professional skills of those who work with

historical records will be considered. Deadlines for applications are June 1,

1977, October 1, 1977, February 1, 1978, and June 1, 1978. For state

proposals, ten copies should be submitted to the National Commission in

Washington, D.C. and ten copies to the State Historical Records

Coordinator. Further information on the records program, applications, and

deadlines can be obtained by writing Dr. Dennis East, Deputy Coordinator,

OHRPAB, Ohio Historical Society.