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Notes and Queries

Notes and Queries



Nelson Lichtenstein has been named the new editor of Ohio History. He

received his B.A. from Dartmouth and his Ph.D. from the University of

California, Berkeley. He has published articles in Labor History, Radical

America, New Politics, and the Dictionary of American Biography. Editor of

the recently published The Kennedy Years and The Johnson Years, two

volumes in the Facts on File "Political Profile" series, Dr. Lichtenstein

served as lecturer in history at The Ohio State University last year. The

former editor, Dr. Thomas H. Hartig, has become the Curator of the History

Department of the Ohio Historical Society.


The Ohio American Revolution Bicentennial Advisory Commission's final

two conference series papers are now available. The fifth of this series,

Toward an Urban Ohio, which was edited by John Wunder, contains articles

by Charles N. Glaab, Harry N. Scheiber, Melvyn Dubofsky, Zane L. Miller,

and James F. Richardson. The last of the series, Quality of Life: Ohio in

Century Three, contains articles by Robert Teater, Thomas Hailstones, Roger

Fortin, H. Bradley Hammond, Zane L. Miller, Sheila Miller, George Shields,

and Robert G. Wolverton. Each of these publications is available from the

Sales Department of the Ohio Historical Society, I-71 and 17th Avenue,

Columbus, Ohio 43211 for $2.00.


The Ohio Academy of History holds its fall meeting October 7-8, 1977, at

Muskingum College. The meeting is a social gathering and includes a

reception and dinner Friday evening and a tour on Saturday. The annual

spring meeting will be held April 28-29, 1978, at the Fawcett Center for

Tomorrow on The Ohio State University campus. Proposals for papers and

panels should be sent to Professor Phillip N. Bebb, Department of History,

Ohio University, Athens, Ohio 45701. The Newberry Library sponsors the

second national conference on College Teaching of State and Local History

January 12-15, 1978. Applications for registration are due October 15, 1977.

Further information can be obtained by writing to the Family and Community

History Center, The Newberry Library, 60 W. Walton, Chicago, Illinois



Recent promotions, appointments, retirements, and deaths within the

professional community of Ohio historians include the following. At The Ohio

State University, Leila J. Rupp and Williamson Murray have been appointed

assistant professor; Kenneth J. Andrien was appointed visiting professor;

Joseph H. Lynch, James R. Bartholomew, and A. Harding Ganz (Newark

campus) were promoted to associate professor; and Gary W. Reichard has

been promoted to associate professor and Department Chairman. At Ohio

Wesleyan University, John Morrison is ending his one-year appointment as

visiting professor and Robert Shimp, who will be returning after a year at the

Newberry Library, will be Acting Chairman for the fall 1977 term. Xavier

University has added the Reverend John LaRocca, S.J., to its faculty as

professor and August M. Seher has retired. Wilmington College has promoted

Mary L. Wagener to assistant professor. Henry B. Leonard, Jerome