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Notes and Queries

Notes and Queries



A number of scholarly meetings of interest to Ohio History readers

will be held in April. The Ohio Academy of History holds its annual spring

meeting April 28-29 at the Fawcett Center for Tomorrow on the Ohio State

University campus; Ashland College hosts the regional-state meeting of the

history honorary society, Phi Alpha Theta, on April 22; and a week later, on

April 29, the Ohio Academy of Medical History holds its annual meeting at

the Howard Dittrick Museum of Historical Medicine in Cleveland. The meet-

ing is held jointly with Cleveland's Henderson Medical History Society.

The Early National Historical Society holds an organizational meeting at

the New York convention of the Organization of American Historians later

this month. The group welcomes historians of any topical area whose inter-

ests lie in the general chronological period 1789-1828. The new society ex-

pects to put out a newsletter that will include book reviews, lists of new ar-

ticles and dissertations, and notes on works in progress. Persons desiring

further information should contact James H. Broussard, Room 413, 140

North Senate Ave., Indianapolis, Indiana 46204.

The editor of Essays in Public Works History, a publication of the Public

Works Historical Society, is seeking documented articles relating to the

broad field of public works (transportation, water, power, waste collection

and disposal, public buildings, parks, military installations, and the public

works-engineering profession). Additional information may be obtained by

writing to Suellen M. Hoy, Public Works Historical Society, 1313 East 60th

St., Chicago, Illinois 60637.

The Government of Ontario is offering a cash award of $1,649 to the author

of a manuscript making the most significant contribution to knowledge and

interpretation of seventeenth-century Canadian developments. All submis-

sions are due December 31, 1978. More information is available from Doug

Cole, Manager, Sainte-Marie among the Hurons, P.O. Box 160, Midland,

Ontario L4R 4K8.

Recent promotions and appointments within the professional community

of Ohio historians include the following: Stuart R. Gover and Phillip Mc-

Guire as visiting assistant professors and John V. Cimprich, Frederick Dahl-

strand, and Richard Ugland as lecturers at The Ohio State University; Ivan

M. Tribe to assistant professor at Rio Grande College; Mary Wagener to as-

sistant professor at Wilmington College; Professor Henry R. Winkler, of the

University of Cincinnati's history department, has been named President of

the University.

At the University of Dayton, Edwin King has received a University research

grant for developing a new approach to teaching state history, and Alice

Vines received funding for preparing textual materials for teaching the his-

tory of British feminism. John L. Gaddis, of Ohio University, has received a

Naval War College research fellowship for summer 1978 and a National En-

dowment for the Humanities fellowship for 1978-1979. The Department of

Health, Education and Welfare has granted Paul Simon and Roger Fortin, of

Xavier University, funds to produce a source book on "Cincinnati's Ethnic

Heritage: Cherish our Differences" which should be published in August 1978.

Saul Friedman, of Youngstown State University, was granted a University