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Notes and Queries

Notes and Queries



Recent promotions, appointments, awards, and retirements within the

professional community of Ohio historians include: John N. Sobczak has replaced

Von Hardesty as chairperson at Bluffton College for the 1978-79 academic year and

Delbert Gratz is on sabbatical in Switzerland during 1979; at Antioch College,

Hanna Goldberg has been appointed Interim Executive Dean at the Yellow Springs

campus and Irwin Abrams has been elected to the council of the Conference on

Peace Research in History, 1978-79; Marcia L. Colish has replaced Robert E. Neil

as chairperson at Oberlin and Robert J. Soucy has been promoted to professor,

Robert Di Conzo and Clayton Koppers to assistant professor, Steven Mintz as

instructor, and Thomas LeDuc has retired; at the College of Wooster, new

appointments are Erika Wood as chairperson and Kate Norberg as professor; Carl

M. Becker is now director of Wright State University's archives and preservation

program and Kenneth I. Dailey will retire at the end of the academic year; Ann

Tevinam of the University of Cincinnati has been awarded a Fulbright Fellowship

to do research in Colombia; Ohio University's Susan E. Ramirez-Horton has been

awarded a Fulbright Fellowship to do research in Peru and has been replaced by

Patricia Seed from the University of Wisconsin.

Recent scholarly contributions by Ohio historians include: The Princes of India

in the Twilight of Empire by Barbara N. Ramusack, and Fascism: An Introductory

Perspective by Otis Mitchell of the University of Cincinnati; Venezuela, the United

States, and the Americas: Foreign Policy, Diplomacy, and Dependency by Sheldon

B. Liss; The Country Railroad Station in America by H. Roger Grant (with Charles

W. Bohi), and Bolshevik Feminist: The Life of Aleksandra Kollontai by Barbara E.

Clements, of the University of Akron; James H. O'Donnell III of Marietta College

is the author of a forthcoming bibliography, Southern Frontiers, 1540-1840; and

David Eller of Bluffton College is serving on the editorial board of the forthcoming

The Brethren Encyclopedia.

Several scholarly meetings of interest to Ohio History will be held in the near

future. The Ohio Academy of Medical History will hold its annual meeting on May

15 during the meeting of the Ohio State Medical Association in Columbus; those

interested in presenting papers should notify the Ohio Academy of Medical

History, 11000 Euclid Avenue, Cleveland 44106, by January 15. The Historical

Society of Western Pennslyvania and the Pennsylvania State University, New

Kensington Campus,will hold a one-day workshop on historic preservation at the

Society in Pittsburgh on April 28; for details, contact William F. Trimble, Editor,

Historical Society of Western Pennsylvania, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15213. The

National Archives nineteenth annual conference, May 17-18, will feature "Soldiers

and Civilians: The U.S. Army and the American People," with papers and panel

discussions on the impact of the Army on American society; registration for the

conference is $25, for information call (202)-523-3298. The National Archives also

will offer its course, "Going to the Source: An Introduction to Archival Research,"

May 29-June 1; the cost of the course is $160, for information contact Dr. J. Samuel

Walker by calling (202)-523-3298.

The Ohio Historical Society has published Tales of the Ohio Land, a book of

short stories by Jack Matthews of Ohio University. This illustrated, 186-page,

hardcover book is available from the Sales Department, Ohio Historical Society, I-

71 and 17th Avenue, Columbus, Ohio 43211 at a list price of $11.95.