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Notes and Queries

Notes and Queries




The State History Day Contest for Ohio will be held in Cleveland on

Saturday, May 16, 1981 at the Western Reserve Historical Society and Case

Western Reserve University. To qualify for the sixth annual state event,

6th through 12th grade students throughout Ohio will compete in one of

eleven district contests. Students may compete in one of the following cate-

gories: individual paper, individual or group projects, and individual or

group performances, on the junior and senior levels. Winners in the Ohio

contest will be eligible to compete with students from thirty-five states at

the second National History Day to be held at the University of Maryland in

College Park, Maryland, on June 11-13, 1981. This year's theme is "Work

and Leisure in History." Students are encouraged to use their creativity in

selecting an area of study within this broad topic. The participants' efforts

need not be centered on American history alone-all countries and periods

are open to study. For more information, please contact David C. Twining,

State Director, History Day '81, Western Reserve Historical Society, 10825

East Boulevard, Cleveland, OH 44106.


The Law & Society Association has established a prize fund in honor of

James Willard Hurst, the eminent legal historian of the University of Wis-

consin. The James Willard Hurst Prize will be awarded annually by the

Trustees of the Law & Society Association for the best work in American

legal history published in the previous year. The field of legal history-in

the spirit of Willard Hurst's own work-is broadly defined to include the

history of interrelationships between law and social, economic, and political

change; the history of the functions and impact of legal agencies, legislative

and administrative as well as judicial; and the history of the legal profes-

sion. Although the prize is for American legal history, significant compara-

tive work that sheds light on American history will also be considered. The

submission of purely doctrinal studies of the evolution of appellate case law

is, however, discouraged. Preference in making the award will normally be

given to books; but articles and monographs of exceptional quality will also

be considered. For further information, contact: Robert W. Gordon, Commit-

tee on the Hurst Prize, University of Wisconsin Law School, Madison, WI



The Canal Society of Ohio has recently reprinted its "Canal Guide to

Ohio," which includes a map of the network of a thousand miles of man-

made waterways which once carried freight and passengers across the

State. Sections and remains of the historic canals which may still be seen

are listed and briefly described. For a copy of the folder, send a stamped,

return address business-sized envelope to Corresponding Secretary, Canal

Society of Ohio, 550 Copley Road, Akron, OH 44320.