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Notes and Queries

Notes and Queries






"Workers, Politics, and the State" will be the theme of the Third Annual

North American Labor History Conference, to be held at Wayne State Uni-

versity, October 8-10, 1981. It is being sponsored by the Department of

History and the Walter P. Reuther Library of Labor and Urban Affairs. The

Conference Committee plans a program featuring a wide variety of papers

reflecting research on both sides of the Atlantic. Special sessions will fea-

ture comparative papers and a discussion of non-Western aspects of the

main theme. The Conference Committee interprets the subject, "Workers,

Politics, and the State," in the broadest possible manner. Papers reflecting

themes in workers' political behavior (both electoral and informal), political

ideologies and their relationship to workers' politics, efforts of powerholders

to contain, control, or pacify dissident forces, relationships between social

history and working-class political theory, institutional labor politics, and

related themes are being considered. The richness and variety of recent

research in labor history, social history, and political ideologies form the

basis for a promising conference. Those interested should contact Chris-

topher H. Johnson, Department of History, Wayne State University, De-

troit, Michigan 48202.


The fifteenth annual Duquesne Univerity History Forum will be held on

October 12, 13, and 14, 1981, at the William Penn Hotel in Pittsburgh,

Pennsylvania. The Forum is the largest and most comprehensive annual

history conference sponsored by a single institution of higher learning in

the United States. The 1980 Forum consisted of forty-nine sessions with 250

participants from 32 states, Canada, Czechoslovakia, Germany, Hungary,

Italy and Pakistan. For further information please write to: Prof. Steven

Bela Vardy, Director, History Forum, Department of History, Duquesne

University, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15219.


The President and Board of Trustees of the Western Reserve Historical

Society recently announced the appointment of Theodore A. Sande to be

Executive Director of the Society, succeeding Meredith B. Colket, Jr., who

retired in March 1980, and who now serves as Director Emeritus. Mr. Sande

will be the sixth Executive Director of the Society.


Dr. Martin F. Luebke of Fort Wayne, Indiana, became the fourth Curator

of the Saxon Lutheran Memorial of Frohna, Missouri. The Memorial is a

pioneer farm site owned and operated by Concordia Historical Institute of

St. Louis, Missouri. Dr. Luebke is the fourth resident Curator of the Memo-

rial since its official dedication in 1964, and succeeds Pastor Theodore C.

Predoehl, who retired earlier this fall after eleven years of service.