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The annual spring meeting of the Ohio Academy of History will be held at

the Fawcett Center on the Ohio State University campus in Columbus,

April 24 and 25, 1981. Address all inquiries to Professor H. Roger Grant,

OAH Program Chair, Department of History, The University of Akron,

Akron, Ohio 44324. Phone (216) 375-7006.


A call for papers is requested for the Thirteenth Annual Dakota History

Conference to be held at Madison, South Dakota, on the campus of Dakota

State College on April 10 and 11, 1981. The Karl Mundt Distinguished

Historical Writing Awards will be presented for the best papers. There are

two categories: Professional (writer attached to an institution of higher

education in the field of Social Science, English, or History, and professional

writers), and Amateur (anyone else). There will be three prizes for best

papers presented in each category: first prize - $250, second prize - $150,

and third prize - $100. Papers should relate to some aspect of South Dako-

ta, Dakota Territory, or the Upper Great Plains Region. In addition, there

will be two awards by topic: The Richard Cropp award of $100 for the best

paper in institutional history. All papers submitted for competition must be

read by the author. Papers presented will be published if desired by the

author. Please address all correspondence to: H. W. Blakely, History De-

partment, Dakota State College, Madison, South Dakota 57042.


In recognition of Ray A. Billington's leadership in the field of western

history and to encourage authors and editors alike to seek for excellence in

the field of western history, the Western History Association has decided to

award each year the Ray A. Billington Prize for the best article on western

history published in any journal save the association's own Quarterly. The

prize will include a payment of $300 to the winning author and $100 to the

journal in which the article was published. To be eligible, an article must

deal with a topic relating to the North American West, including Mexico,

Canada, and Alaska, and must have appeared in a regular periodical within

the twelve months ending July 1, 1981. Articles will be judged according to

(1) the significance of each as a contribution to knowledge; (2) the skill and

imaginativeness with which the author has done his research in original

materials or has reinterpreted some well-known question; (3) the literary

quality of the essay. Nominations may be made only by the editors of the

participating publications, and must reach the three judges by July 31,



The 1979 Richard H. Collins Award for the best article in the Register of

the Kentucky Historical Society has been given to Dale Royalty of East

Tennessee State University for his "Banking and the Commonwealth Ideal

in Kentucky, 1806-1822," which appeared in the Spring 1979 issue. The

award, designed to recognize outstanding research and writing, carries a